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American medical research is at a critical crossroads

At a time when medical advances are poised to provide extraordinary breakthroughs, it is disconcerting that funding for the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the main supporter of biomedical research, has declined so precipitously.

Higgins Urges Increased Federal Investment in Medical Research

Congressman Brian Higgins (NY-26) recently spoke on the House floor in support of increased funding for medical research. 

Remarks by the President on Research for Potential Ebola Vaccines

President Obama visits the National Institutes of Health and discusses the institution's work over the past few years.

As the U.S. Cuts R&D Spending, China Is Raising Its Stake

As a percentage of total federal spending, research and development is at its lowest levels since 1956, the year before the Soviets launched Sputnik.

China headed to overtake EU, US in science & technology spending, OECD says

Squeezed R&D budgets in the EU, Japan and US are reducing the weight of advanced economies in science and technology research, patent applications and scientific publications

Is it a surprise China will surpass US in R&D spending by 2019?

China already spends a lot more on R&D than Japan, was about to overtake the EU when the latest figures were compiled in 2012 and will, on current trends, surpass the United States by 2019.

Obama, McConnnell, start with science

My advice to them is to start with the basics: basic science, and then work their way up to the more intractable problems.

Poised for big breakthroughs, US scientists find dwindling support

The American research enterprise, long the world’s gold standard for scientific progress, is at risk of slipping behind.

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